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Previous research in the field of vehicle passive safety contributed to significant improvements in vehicle and road safety. However, this research was focused on average protective measures optimized for "average occupants" whereas in the real world substantial differences appear under factors like gender, age and size. Brought forward by stakeholders, this topic was recognized by the EU Commission and put high on the research agenda. As a consequence four proposals were submitted in this field dealing with two topics of high importance:

  • Child safety, addressing improved numerical and experimental test procedures for younger children as well as adolescents.
  • Thoracic injuries, addressing a body part which on the one hand side is highly at risk during collisions as found in previous EU research projects like VC COMPAT, PRISM and FID and on the other hand subject to large biometric variations over age, gender and size due to geometry and material changes in bones.

All four were positively evaluated. In the Evaluation Summary Reports it was indicated that clustering of these initiatives was strongly recommended.


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